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Version   1.51
Release Date   May 30, 2018
File Name  
XWirepuller151.zip 7.2 MB
Type   Software

XWirepuller enables the DLM6000/DL6000 series, DLM4000 series, DLM2000 series, DL9000 series including MSO models, DL350/DL850Series and SB5000 to be controlled from your PC via the Ethernet, USB, or GP-IB interface.
When the software program starts, the front panel image of the connected instrument appears on your PC. You can control the instrument from your PC with the mouse to simulate operations using the front panel keys of the instrument.

Main Features

  • Control the instrument.
  • Display the screen image of on a PC.
  • Select the Control Window Size and display update rate.
  • Save the screen image data displayed on your PC in BMP or PNG format.
Applicable Model
DL9240, DLM2024, DLM4038, DL850EV, DL350, DL9040L, DL9510L, DL9705L, DLM6104, DL9140, DL9240L, DLM2022, DL6154, DLM2054, DL6104, DLM6054, DLM4058, DL9040, SB5310, DLM2034, DL850E, DL9505L, DL9710L, SB5710, DLM2032, DL850V, DL9140L, DLM2052, DL6054, DL850
PC System Requirements

Operating System

  • Windows 7(32/64-bit)
  • Windows 8(32/64-bit)
  • Windows 8.1(32/64-bit)
  • Windows 10(32/64-bit)

CPU, Memory

Core 2 Duo (2 GHz) or faster
2GB of memory


Ethernet, GP-IB(*1), USB(*2),

(*1)National Instruments' GP-IB interface is required.
(*2)Yokogawa USB driver is required. For details, refer to the instruments' user's manual.

  • Display: SVGA/XGA (XGA or better recommended)
  • Color: 256 colors or more (65536 colors or more recommended)

Firmware Versions Required for Operation
  • DL350
  • DL850 series
  • DL9000 series: Ver. 4.24 or later
  • DL9000 series MSO models: Ver. 4.24 or later
  • SB5000: Ver. 4.24 or later
  • DLM2000 Series
  • DLM4000 Series
  • DLM6000/DL6000 Series

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English Jan 25, 2018
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