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Version   2.23
Release Date   Feb 21, 2017
File Name  
wtfilereader223e.zip 4.0 MB
Type   Software

This software allows you to display data saved in WT500/WT1800/WT1800E/WT3000/WT3000E on your PC and change it to .csv format.
Applicable Model
WT1801, WT1801E, WT1802, WT1802E, WT1803, WT1803E, WT1804, WT1804E, WT1805, WT1805E, WT1806, WT1806E, WT3000, WT3001E, WT3002E, WT3003E, WT3004E, WT500
System Requirements
System Requirements
PCA PC with a 80486DX2 CPU or later (Pentium or later recommended), and 8 MB or more of memory.
System Requirements
Personal Computer CPU Premium4 1.5 GHz or higher (recommended)
Memory 1 GB or more (recommended)
Hard Disk 500 MB or more of free space
OS Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7.(All English versions)
Communication Port GP-IB NI (National Instruments) AT-GPIB, PCI-GPIB, PCI-GPIB+, PCMCIA-GPIB, PCMCIA-GPIB+, or PCIe-GPIB with driver NI-488.2 version 1.60 or later (however, version 2.3 is not supported).
RS-232 An available COM port on the PC
Ethernet 10BASE-T or 100BASE-TX compatible Ethernet port
USB A USB Rev. 1.1 or later USB port
Display, Printer, and Mouse Screen Resolution 1024 × 768 pixels or higher
Applicable Operating Systems Must be compatible with the operating systems listed above.

Connecting the WT Series Instrument to a PC
GP-IB Interface to prevent electric shock, turn the power to the instrument OFF when connecting it to the PC. Connect a GP-IB cable from the GP-IB connector on the rear panel of the WT series instrument to the corresponding connector on the PC.
  • Setting the Address
    Set the GP-IB address according to the procedure given in the user's manual that came with the WT series instrument. For details about the GP-IB interface, refer to the information about the communications functions included in the user's manual.
  • RS-232C Interface
    To prevent electric shock, turn the power to the PC OFF when connecting the instrument to it. Connect an RS-232 cable from the RS-232 connector on the rear panel of the WT series instrument to the serial port of the PC.
  • Parameter settings
    Follow the procedure given in the user's manual of the WT series instrument to enter the following parameter settings. (Normally, operation can begin using the factory default settings.)
    Handshaking: select a method from 0 to 7.
    Data format: select a format from 0 to 3.
    Baud rate: select 75, 150, 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, or 9600.
    Terminator: select CR+LF, CR, or LF.
    For details about the RS-232 interface, refer to the user's manual that came with the WT series instrument.
Before Installation
  • Backing up the program files
    Backup the program files you downloaded to a memory media like CF card or USB flash.
All four downloadable program files are self-extracting executables which, when double-clicked, create new files and folders on your hard drive. Two of those four programs require no further installation, but the other two create an additional Setup.exe file which must be executed to complete the installation.
Turn ON the PC and start Windows. Create a new folder on your hard disk with a name of your choice, and download the free software into the folder. Double-click the file necessary for your WT series model, then click OK in the dialog box. A new folder, YOKOGAWA, will be created on drive C and files will be extracted to it. Specify any changes you wish to make to the destination folder.

When the extraction is finished, check to see if the program executable file was created.
If so, installation is complete. If the Setup.exe file (rather than executable files) was created you will need to perform a few more steps to complete the installation. Double-click the Setup.exe file, and follow the on-screen instructions.
Creating Icons for the WT Free Software
After the program has been fully installed, you can use Explorer or the My Computer browser to create a shortcut to the program. Locate the executable file, right-click its icon, and select Create Shortcut from the shortcut menu. Running/Exiting the Software.
  • Running the software
    Double-click the program executable file or its shortcut to run the software. Or, if the program was installed using a Setup.exe file, select Start > Programs > Yokogawa, then the name of the program you wish to run.
  • Exiting the software
    Select File > Exit, or Close the program window.

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