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Release Date   Nov 20, 2017
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DLTerm140.zip 322.0 KB
Type   Software


DL-Term is a command line tool for the DL series library. Please use this software as a development tool for writing communication programs using the DL series library.

Support for the DL350.Updated


  • Supported instruments
    - DL750/DL750P
    - DL1600 series
    - DL1700 series
    - DL7100/DL7200/DL7400 series
    - DL9000 series
    - DLM2000 series
    - DLM4000 series
    - DL6000/DLM6000 series
    - SB5000
    - SL1400
    - DL850 series
    - DL350

  • Supported interfaces
    - GPIB (National Instruments GPIB board)
    - RS232
    - USB
    - Ethernet

    * For specifics on the required firmware version of each instrument and interface, please refer to the dedicated USB drivers and library for the DL Series.

  • Operating system
    Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10


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