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701992 Xviewer (Trial version)

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Software Agreement

Version   1.85
Release Date   Jul 20, 2018
File Name  
Xviewer185.zip 75.4 MB
Type   Software

This trial version is valid for 30 days after installation.
With the trial version of the software, all functions including the Math Edition are available to you for 30 days after installation. (Online file transfer function is not available with the DL1700 and WE7000. Remote Instrument Control function is not available with the DL1700 and WE7000.)

XviewerLITE, which is a free software with no restriction for period of service , is also available to you.

Please be aware that the installing user and software user must be the same Windows account.

Applicable Model
DL7440, DL9240, DL1640, DL7480, SL1000, DLM2024, DLM4038, DL850EV, DL350, DL9040L, DL9510L, DL9705L, DLM6104, DL9140, DL1620, DL9240L, DL1720E, DL1640L, SL1400, DLM2022, DL6154, DLM2054, DL6104, DLM6054, DLM4058, DL9040, DL750P, SB5310, DLM2034, DL850E, DL9505L, WE7000, DL750, DL9710L, SB5710, DLM2032, DL850V, DL9140L, DLM2052, DL6054, DL850
1.  Online file transfer and Remote Instrument Control are not possible with the DL1700 and WE7000.
2.  The DLM2000 series firmware version 1.08 or later is required.
3.  Please use the latest version of the instrument’s firmware.

Windows 7(32bit/64bit), Windows 8(32bit/64bit), Windows 8.1(32bit/64bit), and Windows 10(32bit/64bit)
How to Install the Trial Version of the Xviewer
  1. Please confirm that the installing user and software user must use the same Windows account.
  2. Download the file below to a folder on your PC.
  3. Unzip the downloaded .zip file into any temporary folder.
  4. Execute Setup.exe to start the installation.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to proceed with the installation.
  6. Type "0000" for the license number, that is a temporary number available for the Trial Version.
  7. After the installation is completed, both the zip file you downloaded and the temporary folder you created can be deleted.
How to Uninstall the Trial Version of the Xviewer
The trial version must be uninstalled before the Xviewer you purchased is installed.

  1. Follow "Controll Panel" -> "Add/Remove Programs". Select "Xviewer" to uninstall it.

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